Hospitality, Health, and Nutrition Scholarship

Faith United Church of Christ has been involved with the Richmond Heights Schools since the church’s inception in 1956, when the congregation first met in the elementary school. In the years since, the church has supported the Richmond Heights Schools in various ways, including hosting and providing instructional and other support for the Culinary Club of the high school since the Club was formed in 2016. The Culinary Club is part of Faith’s outreach to our community, providing students with space and instructors to help them learn basic facts about nutrition, food preparation, food production, food economics, food safety, hospitality, and sustainability.
As an outgrowth and development of this educational mission, the congregation of Faith UCC has established a scholarship to assist one senior this year from Richmond Heights High School who plans to pursue degrees or certificates in the culinary, hospitality, nutrition, food production, or related fields.
One scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to the deserving applicant.
  1. A fully-completed online application for the Faith United Church of Christ Scholarship;
  2. Two letters of reference, one each from a teacher and a non-relative, emailed directly to Mrs. Linda Brooks,;
  3. An online essay of 350-500 words explaining your qualifications for this scholarship, addressing, but not limited to:
    • Your interest in and passion for cooking, nutrition, hospitality, and other areas of the food industry (other than eating);
    • Your volunteer or paid experience in these food-related fields;
    • Your career goals in a food-related field;
    • Your plans to use your training and education for the betterment of your immediate and wider communities;
    • Significant achievements you have accomplished and/or awards you have received as a result of your experience in food-related matters;
  4. A scanned and uploaded copy of your acceptance letter and your high school transcript.
  5. In addition, candidates may be asked to an interview with the Selection Committee.
DEADLINE: This application, along with all of its supporting documentation, must be submitted via the form below (or reference letters received by Mrs. Brooks) by midnight on April 1st, 2021. The successful candidate will be notified by April 21st.
CONTACT: Please direct questions to Mrs. Linda Brooks, Coordinator of the Scholarship Committee, at

Hospitality, Health, and Nutrition Scholarship Application